Our story

Our Story

In a world buzzing with fast fashion, the brand Gayatri Joshi, shaped by Gayatri Joshi's design expertise, emerges as a beacon of considerate fashion, weaving a narrative that transcends mere aesthetics. Four years ago, the brand set the foundation for this venture, infusing luxury pret wear with a distinctive raw aesthetic that speaks through simple yet intricate designs.

As the label evolved, so did its narrative. The recent collection unveils a new chapter, a conscientious stride towards sustainability. In this journey, Gayatri Joshi acknowledges the learning curve, recognizing that sustainability is a process, not an overnight transformation. The brand, known for its uncompromising elegance, now weaves sustainability into its fabric, marking the initial steps toward a greener future. Each element, from the choice of fabrics to the intricate details, reflects a commitment to evolving responsibly. As Gayatri Joshi quotes , "Being sustainable is a process; we're taking it one step at a time, learning along the way, and striving to achieve as much sustainability as possible." This dedication not only enriches the brand's essence but also signals a promising future where luxury and sustainability dance hand in hand.

Our Design Mission and Vision

Gayatri Joshi designs for the contemporary women and every new sample she creates, employs the skill of Indian artisan. She believes Indian artisans have remarkable talent and she wants to support them and spread the talent all over the world through her designs.

Design Theory

The brand embodies a spirit of femineity through its western diffusion line, through handmade, intricate n unique embroideries and through focus on creating flattering silhouettes and designs.