Our story

Our Story

A fledgling of desire, watered with commitment has sprouted into Gayatri Joshi Couture today and we are proud to keep it growing forevermore. Gayatri Joshi Couture is the brainchild of Gayatri Joshi, who is everlastingly watching the world with wide eyes to saturate its excellence into her designs. The outright objective of the brand is to make pieces that makes you feel beautiful as well as powerful, that are timeless and functional.
Gayatri Joshi Couture was hence borne with the undying desire to bring inspired clothing to life, tailored to perfection, created with the gifted hands of our talented team of craftsperson. Gayatri Joshi Couture is an image of our devotion to our manifestations, a recognition for the hours spent on designing mood boards, color palettes, testing fabrics swatches, doodling embroidery motifs, making embroidery samples and exploring surfaces, ultimately bringing these designs to life, just for one more round of testing fits and styling these pieces.

We presently pass the Gayatri Joshi Couture baton to you, an invitation to luxuriate and partake in these pieces. Each piece is tailor-made, only for you, because the lady of today have the right to feel adored. Consider these as a toast to you, the women we love,
from Gayatri Joshi Couture

Our Design Mission and Vision

Gayatri Joshi designs for the contemporary women and every new sample she creates, employs the skill of Indian artisan. She believes Indian artisans have remarkable talent and she wants to support them and spread the talent all over the world through her designs.

Design Theory

The brand embodies a spirit of femineity through its western diffusion line, through handmade, intricate n unique embroideries and through focus on creating flattering silhouettes and designs.